For the Love of Older Wine by Tony Gilmore

   Loving old wines can be an obsession or repulsion depending on the experience. These beverages can often be over the hill with a brunt/cooked nature, including flat one dimensional fruit with flabby tannins and I'm just talking Reds! White wines that either weren't worthy of laying down in the first place or were just plain out of balance in youth can have searing acidity , stewed fruit if any and lingering oxidation bitterness.  Corks has always been careful to taste and pre-evaluate things we find by walking the different warehouse settings in the local Knoxville distribution world. However it is extremely difficult to taste one or three bottles from a pallet of old wines and say with confidence that every single bottle will be perfect. If you or your loved ones ,as cherished Corks customers, pop in one day and we have some new finds with bottle age of more than a few years,  please remember that bottle variation is much more likely as the wines get older and the cork (which is meant to seal the wine from the surrounding air) is itself a natural product with all the potential inconsistencies there.  The most potentially frustrating action getting into an older bottle is to remove a cork without it breaking into a billion tiny crumbs. If you purchase one of these fine Gems always be cautious and use a good wine key or a high quality corkscrew, pull slow and even, and be gentle as you pull the last few centimeters of the top out of the bottle. it's our belief that once you've had the delicious and unctuous experience of a well aged wine it can only broaden your individual taste experience and it might just ignite your passion, for these rarities. We strive to give each and every customer that passes thru the doors of Corks Wines & Spirits an opportunity to taste and purchase some of the finest wines coming into the Knoxville market. So when you consider the tasting events that wine snobs , vaulted reviewers , and the uber rich attend in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago and when you consider they pay as much as a sit down with a politician to drink  20yr. to 50yr. old Bordeauxs and Burgundies it becomes clear there may be something to seeking out and drinking older wines. Cheers

tony gilmore