Spring Wine Pairing

Spring is here (kind of?) and that means two things for us wine geeks: the release of the new vintage of rosé wines and a shift away from the deep reds of winter to the bright, exuberant whites of Spring! Rosé wines will be featured in our next blog post - our Rosés of Spring class is coming up at the end of this month which will give us plenty to report!

Spring foods evoke images of greens - peas, asparagus, lettuces and all those other vegetables your kids won't eat.  Also, this is the season to showcase mushrooms, earth flavors reminiscent of the bounty of the garden, and lighter meats such as fish and pork.  In this vein, here are a few wines to pair with your Spring dishes!

-Envidia Cochina Albariño: The search for the ultimate sushi wine ends here! A natural partner to raw and cooked seafood, the racy acidity and clean minerality complements the oily and buttery texture and flavors of seafood perfectly. Try with your next meal of fried shrimp, grilled grouper or with any kind of North Asian fare!

-Cà Adua Gavi: Slightly green in color, Gavi (the name of the region - the grape is Cortese) makes for an excellent go-to for all sorts of vegetable dishes.  From herb roasted asparagus to a salad of fresh spring greens, the wonderful notes of succulent fruits, surrounded by ample minerality, work incredibly well with the season.

-Daniel Chotard Sancerre: Widely recognized as one of the greatest food wines in the world, Sancerre (composed of 100% Sauvignon Blanc) is nothing like the grapefruit-laden whites of New Zealand.  Looking for a wine that can pair with almost anything to great effect? Sancerre is a tasty addition to any dish with fresh herbs.  Pesto is also your friend with this wine!

-Kreos Rosé: We couldn't resist talking about one Rosé! Made from Negroamaro (unusual in itself!), this welcome addition to our store is a bit bolder with a bit more fruit than the traditional rosés of Provence.  Try it with grilled salmon, crab legs and radishes - you won't be disappointed!

Baptiste Boutes Minervois: A GSM (Grenache-Syrah-Mourvedre) blend from the Languedoc region of France, this medium-bodied red provides both the spice and earthy characteristics to send your soups, stews and pork dishes to a new level! A touch of smoke, with lovely floral notes - a great way to celebrate the new season!



tony gilmore